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The Friedrich internship program provides participating engineering students with the chance to work in one of the most technically advanced room A/C labs in North America, while honing their teamwork, communication, presentation and professionalism skills. The students gain practical experience working on complex projects ranging from using simulation software and ultrasonic humidifiers, to building reliability test fixtures.

Friedrich has a long-standing track record of supporting the industry and the community by offering internships for promising local engineering students. For nearly 10 years, the company has given selected students the opportunity to better understand their future path and get hands-on experience that goes above and beyond what they might learn from a class or book. This type of practical educational experience is not only invaluable for the students, but also for the future health and growth of the industry.

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Our goal is to motivate and encourage the next generation of engineers by offering our internship participants real-world projects to tackle. We provide them with the opportunity to flex their creative problem-solving skills and gain valuable professional experience in our state-of-the-art product design center.

Lionel Lopez
VP of Engineering, Friedrich





Meet Our 2022 Year's Interns!


Bryan McLaughlin – Senior Mechanical Engineering Student at UTSA

Jennifer Melchor – Engineering Intern, Local San Antonio High School student with Family Service

Montana Clark-Wyatt – Senior Mechanical Engineering Student at UTSA

Mariana Garcia – Senior Mechanical Engineering Student at UTSA

Blake Zigmond – Junior Electrical Engineering student at UTSA

Why did you choose to do an internship at Friedrich?

Friedrich is well known for high quality air conditioners and it'd be a privilege to learn from such knowledgeable engineers.

Bryan M.
Engineering Intern

I chose this internship at Friedrich because I wanted to learn more about the HVAC industry and when I was interviewed the engineers who work at Friedrich, had a really great attitude about their experience here.

Mariana G.
Engineering Intern

It was a good opportunity to apply my knowledge of electricity to the air conditioners.


Blake Z.
Engineering Intern

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