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Our expansive line of room air conditioners includes the only truly commercial-grade models on the market today and offers products that are suitable for a wide range of demanding applications. Available in cooling-only, energy-efficient heat pumps and cooling with electric heat in capacities ranging from 5000 BTU to 3 tons. Most models are equipped with smart Wi-Fi operation built in. All Friedrich units are known for being amongst the quietest, most efficient and feature-packed in the industry.

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Chill® Premier Inverter Window Air Conditioners

The all-new Chill® Premier Inverter is equipped with state-of-the-art Precision Inverter Technology provides efficient, precise temperature control and Library-Quiet™ sound levels, while convenience comes standard with simplified installation, and an adaptable design that allows the window to be opened, even after the unit is installed. Operating up to 35% more efficiently than traditional window air conditioners. As well as ENERGY STAR certified and uses sustainable R-32 refrigerant to help protect our plant.

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Kühl® Smart Room Air Conditioners

Kühl® is a game-changer. Its quiet design, superior construction and integrated Wi-Fi with voice command make Kühl® the most advanced room air conditioner on the market. Kühl® is available in 6,000 - 35,000 Btu/hr with a slide-out chassis, allowing installation in a window or through-the-wall. Cooling only, heat pumps and cooling + electric heat models. ENERGY STAR® qualified models.

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Chill® Premier Smart Window Air Conditioners

The Chill® Premier offers outstanding energy efficiency, Quietmaster® technology and integrated Wi-Fi with voice command. Chill® Premier is available in 5,000 - 24,000 Btu/hr with a fixed chassis, allowing one-piece installation in a window, and the all-new slide-out chassis for more permanent installations. Cooling only models and all-new heat/cool options available. ENERGY STAR® qualified models.

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