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Introducing the heat pump that's more compatible & capable

Friedrich® Breeze makes upgrading to
inverter heat pump technology… Well… a Breeze.
Friedrich Breeze heat pumps are universal, so you can feel confident you’re choosing the right comfort solution—whether you’re looking for a new system and pairing yours with a Friedrich Breeze Air Handler, or integrating it into nearly any existing HVAC system. Plus, Breeze offers the easiest way to upgrade from traditional heating and cooling equipment to an efficient inverter heat pump system for precise comfort, all-year-round. So, you can kick back and relax with complete peace of mind.

See how easy upgrading can be.

Plug & Play

The Breeze works with nearly all existing HVAC systems1—regardless of brand—and is compatible with most 24V thermostats or BMS, making it the easy choice for home comfort. Plus, contractors will love how simple it is to install.

Here & There 

Breeze provides flexibility when it comes to installation, accommodating long lineset runs of up to 246' and height differentials of up to 98'—factor in its compact footprint and you can feel confident it will fit where you need it to.

Savings & Sustainability 

Precision Inverter® technology delivers efficiencies of up to 18.0 SEER2 and 9.5 HSPF2 for lower energy bills month after month. Plus, all Breeze heat pumps—except for the 5-ton models—have earned ENERGY STAR® Cold Climate certification and are eligible for many federal and local tax credits and rebates.

Smooth & Steady 

The Breeze features a Friedrich-exclusive Precision Inverter® compressor that ramps up quickly with Soft-Start technology to reach the indoor set temperature faster, then maintains precise temperature control for perfect comfort by adjusting capacity as needed.

Peace & Quiet 

With great performance comes surprisingly little sound. The Friedrich Breeze features superior sound insulation—with sound levels as low as 38dB—and precise engineering, so you can enjoy ultra-quiet comfort.


Up & Down 

For even more installation flexibility, our multi-position air handler can be installed vertically or horizontally to accommodate a range of space requirements—such as in an attic, crawlspace or closet. An optional aux electric heater unit is available.

Take an interactive 360° look at the new Breeze—and explore installation locations with the Augmented Reality feature.


Our Full Line of Heat Pumps


2 Ton

Heat and Cool up to 
26,000 BTU/h


3 Ton

Heat up to 
38,200 BTU/h

Cool up to 
36,800 BTU/h


4 Ton

Heat and Cool up to
52,000 BTU/h


5 Ton

Heat up to 
57,900 BTU/h

Cool up to 
59,400 BTU/h

Questions & Answers

Learn all about the new Breeze Inverter-driven Universal Heat Pump by filling out the form below to have a Friedrich team member get in touch soon to answer any questions you may have.

1System rated performance is only guaranteed when paired with a properly installed Friedrich air handler; Performance may be diminished when paired with a non-Friedrich air handler, and eligibility for rebates may be voided; Due to continuing research in new energy-saving technology, specifications are subject to change without notice.