Frequently, satisfied Friedrich customers take the time to send us comments about the positive experiences they've had with our quality air conditioning products. We hope you'll enjoy reading their feedback.

I have been highly recommending these VRP and PTACs to all of the Project Managers in Concord when they reach out to ask my opinion on them.

Anthony Fleming, Dual Chief Engineer - Aloft Tampa Midtown & Element Tampa Midtown


I have just purchased a Friedrich SQ06N10-A window air conditioner. I just want to let you know that I have never seen such a well built air conditioner since the 1960s and it is so refreshing to see quality come back.


Last year we experienced a catastrophic flood from a water heater in our crawlspace which resulted in 12,000 gallons of water being lost under the house.

The end result unfortunately for us was a botched clean up job by the company hired to remove the water and a massive mold bloom in our residence and HVAC system.

The entire thing now resides in the legal realm, meanwhile the house remains horribly contaminated.

My wife and I have three children, ages 4, 9 and 16... and worse, my wife now has breast cancer. We simply do not have the money required to completely remediate the mold from the structure and replace the now ruined 2 year old HVAC system and so we are forced to remain in the home.

As luck would have it we have also experienced one of the wettest summers on record for our area and I watched in horror as the weather cooled and the HVAC stopped running as the humidity rose in the residence to an alarming and dangerous 70%. And with the humidity of course came the mold again... I was terrified for my family!

After some frantic research and a lot of prayer I purchased a Friedrich D70BP 70 Pint Dehumidifier and on September 18th it arrived.

At approximately 5PM I turned the unit on and watched in amazement as it immediately and efficiently began to dry the air.

I am very happy to report that by 10PM that very evening the humidity had already dropped from 68% to 55%.

The unit has been running in my home since September 18th, 2013 and for the last 4 days has been in "maintenance mode" as it has achieved its target humidity of 40%.

I want ALL OF YOU at Friedrich to understand how much this means to me and my family. It is not inaccurate to say that this machine has saved my family additional exposure to the mold and is even now protecting my home and the souls that reside there.

As a Law Enforcement Officer I have been in life and death situations many times... and I am used to protecting people and myself. Of course as an officer, husband and father I want to protect my family. The excellent engineering and manufacturing of your product has allowed me to do just that.

Absolutely outstanding.

Thank you all so very much! We are all safe now and will remain so because of your wonderful product.

You have gained a lifetime customer.


A week ago I purchased two Sears AC units, which were highly rated by Consumer Reports. Delivery and install were a nightmare and very unorganized. I ended up canceling the order and started looking for new units. By some stroke of luck I found Friedrich and purchased a Kühl unit. It's very quiet. I will purchase another one before next summer and hope to connect them to the wall-mounted thermostat to operate them both.

I live on the Gulf Coast of Texas and its very humid most of the year, so the fact that it removes 4.6 pints of moisture per hour is a big plus for me. Also, eight amps for such a large air conditioner is a great plus. Electric rates in this area are very costly, so I can't wait to see the impact on my next electric bill. The price seemed high, but since it saves me money on my electric bill it is money well spent.

Thank you for the sleek design; it's certainly not an eyesore. I just love every feature I've found so far. Thank you for your effort to help us conserve energy. It's in our best interest.


Several years ago, my central air went out. My brother said I could have the Friedrich air conditioner he had in one of his rent houses to use until we were able repair the unit. I thought, “Oh boy we will have to live in one room until the central air conditioning people can make it.”

It was July in Houston and they could not come for three days. When my brother brought the unit over he said it is old but works. I was skeptical but turned it on and it began to cool right away. It blew really cold and cooled my 1,500 sq. foot house down and we were comfortable. We laughed because it resembled a unit in the house we grew up in. We looked at the little plate on the unit and it was 33 years old! I'm 50. My parents had three air conditioners while I was growing up and I found out later they were all Friedrich. When I told my dad about it, he said, “Oh yes, I never bought anything but a Friedrich.” I ended up not repairing the central air for three years. That is when the unit finally died. I ran that thing constantly because my family likes to be cold and my electric bill was much lower.

Fast forward to 2 months ago. Central air died and they said it would be 2,200 dollars. I went right out and bought a Friedrich. Put it in the same window. Realized I had been missing the sound at night. I sleep like a baby and my electric bill has dropped about 50 dollars a month. Thank you for such a high quality product.


I recently purchased a Kühl SS08M10 for my bedroom. After going through three other window air conditioners in the past few years, trying to find one that was acceptably quiet, I finally came across the Kühl. Honestly, I got a really bad case of sticker shock, in addition to being concerned about the overall size of the unit (it is quite large). So I searched around online and read consumer reviews of various Friedrich models. I noticed that the common themes in all of the reviews were quietness, longevity, and superior build quality. The Kühl does not disappoint! This is hands-down the best window/wall air conditioner I have ever had the pleasure of using. It is definitely worth the initial investment... I have no doubt that it will provide many, many years of reliable service.


My grandmother has a Friedrich Quietmaster at her house, which she likes to keep very cold. Everyday in the summer she has it on high and the temperature on cold. For 44 years the unit was in operation from April to October. Just this summer it gave way and we got a Friedrich Kühl. I’m really impressed with the quality.