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Friedrich's expansive lines of Window, Through-the-Wall, Portable and Ductless units give you a world of choices.

Whether you need to condition one small room or several large areas, we have the cooling and heating solutions you need with the features, capacities and energy ratings you want.

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Window Air Conditioners

Our expansive line of window air conditioners includes the only truly commercial-grade models on the market today and offers products that are suitable for a wide range of demanding applications. Available in cooling-only, energy-efficient heat pumps and cooling with electric heat in capacities ranging from 5800 Btu to 3 tons.

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Through-the-Wall Air Conditioners

Perfect and universal-fit models for 24 ½"-27" sleeve-replacement projects, new construction, retrofits or spaces where a window installation isn’t an option.

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Portable Air Conditioners

Experience flexibility like never before with our portable air conditioners. These units are easy to move and require no permanent installation. Whether you want to cool your bedroom at night or create a comfortable workspace during the day, our portable units offer cooling wherever you need it. Quick Installation. Fast Cooling. Easy Storage.

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Dehum nbg


Combat excess moisture and improve indoor air quality with our dehumidifiers. Our 35 and 50 pints of dehumidifier range can effectively removes moisture from the air within 24 hours, creating a healthier and more comfortable environment while protecting your home from the effects of high humidity. Ideal for storage areas, basements, equipment rooms or anywhere moisture is a concern.

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Breeze™ Universal Heat Pump

The Friedrich Breeze offers the easiest way to upgrade from traditional heating
and cooling equipment to an efficient inverter heat pump system for precise
comfort, month-after-month. Plus, it’s universal, so whether you’re looking for a
new system and pairing it with a Friedrich Breeze Air Handler, or integrating it into
nearly any existing HVAC system, you can kick back and relax in total comfort.

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Ductless Split Systems

No ductwork? No problem. Incredibly quiet, sleek and energy-efficient, ductless split systems are the smart way to cool rooms without ductwork—even those without windows or exterior walls. The entire line, including hard-to-find 115v wall-mounted models, utilizes Inverter Technology which allows systems to reach the desired temperature faster, maintain it more accurately, and reduce energy costs. SEER ratings up to 28.0.

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Endeavor Residential Ducted

Welcome to the Endeavor® Line of Gas Furnaces, Air Handlers, Split and Packaged Air Conditioners, Split and Packaged Heat Pumps, Coils and Packaged Gas Electric units. 

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