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Where can I purchase Friedrich Products, Accessories or Parts?
Our interactive Dealer Locator lets you search by zip code for the dealer, distributor or servicer nearest you. Also, some replacement filters, as well as some Kühl® Series accessories, may be available directly from shop.friedrich.com .
Where can I purchase Replacement Filters for C-90® air cleaners?
They may be available through some retailers or you can purchase replacement carbon filters for C-90®, C-90A®, C-90B® and C-95® air cleaners online at shop.friedrich.com , or call 1-800-541-6645.
Where can I purchase a Decorator Color Kit for my Kühl® or Kühl+®?
Available through some retailers or purchase Decorator Color Kits for Kühl® or Kühl+® online at shop.friedrich.com , or call 1-800-541-6645.


I'm renovating and don't want to run ductwork. What cooling options do I have?
That depends on how many rooms need to be conditioned. For a single-room addition with exterior walls and windows, a window or thru-the-wall installation is a good choice. For multi-room additions, or if you don't have windows or exterior walls, consider a ductless split system. Like a central air conditioner, ductless split systems are two-piece systems with one part outdoors and one (or multiple) indoor units that distribute the conditioned air. Indoor units typically mount high on a wall or, occasionally, in the ceiling or on the floor. Multi-zone ductless systems can condition up to four spaces with one outdoor condensing unit. Use the Find My New Friedrich tool to find the best match based on your needs.
Are there air conditioning options for spaces without an exterior wall?
Absolutely! One of the best options is a ductless split system, because the indoor unit can be mounted virtually anywhere. Depending on the system, the indoor and outdoor units can be separated by up to 164 feet with maximum height differences of 98 feet. So even if the rooms that need cooling are located in the building's interior or on separate floors, there may be a Friedrich ductless system that will fit the application. Use the Find My New Friedrich tool to find the best match based on your needs.
What model or product is best for my situation?
Use the Find My New Friedrich tool to find the best match based on your needs. Depending on the type of installation and cooling capacity you need, you may find solutions that you never knew existed. Specific product pages explain each unit/system in detail so you can get a complete understanding of the features and benefits of every Friedrich product. For professional expertise, consult the Dealer Locator to find a retailer near you. Local retailers understand the factors that can affect cooling in your area, including average seasonal temperatures, building codes, etc., and can provide a wealth of information. You also can visit the Find Your Friedrich section, where you'll find specific information on choosing the right unit for your space.


Why is it important for an air conditioner to dehumidify?
Air conditioners keep you comfortable by removing heat and moisture from the air. To do both effectively, the unit must be properly sized for your space. If the capacity is too low, you may never feel quite cool enough. When the capacity is too high, the unit produces so much cold air so quickly that the room reaches the desired temperature before the unit has adequate run time to dehumidify. The result is a cool but clammy room that can feel just as uncomfortable as one that is not cool enough.
What is a heat pump?
A heat pump is an air conditioner that can run in reverse to provide heat. In air conditioning mode it removes heat from the indoor air and expels it outside. In heating mode it extracts heat from the outdoor air and uses it to heat your indoor space. At peak efficiency heat pumps use 1/3 of the electricity used by an electric heat unit. However, heat pumps heat most comfortably and efficiently when the temperature is above 45º F. They are not well suited to colder climates with extreme winter temperatures but can be an energy efficient solution in shoulder seasons. Some heat pumps offer supplemental electric heat, which will provide heat in colder temperatures.
I occasionally see black particles blowing out of my unit. What are these and do I need to do anything about it?
If your unit is only a couple of years old, then what you are seeing is probably due to a maintenance issue. Air conditioners remove both heat and humidity from a room. That humidity condenses on the air conditioner coils and drains into the base pan where it is used to cool the unit. Occasionally, mold or mildew will take advantage of this high moisture environment. The only way to alleviate this situation is to have the unit professionally cleaned. Any of our authorized servicers can treat the problem, however, you may use any servicer that you prefer since this is not a warranty issue. Authorized servicers are listed in the Dealer Locator .


Do your units meet the Buy American Act?
Friedrich products do not meet the General criteria for the Buy American Act because they are not manufactured within the United States of America. Friedrich products do however meet the Nonavailability Exceptions for products.  There are currently no room air conditioners or packaged terminal air conditioners that would meet the manufacturing and component origin requirements for the Buy American Act. Friedrich remains the last room air conditioner manufacturer producing product in North America.  Friedrich's Monterrey, Mexico plant manufactures room air conditioners, PTAC, single packaged vertical units and through the wall air conditioners
Does my new air conditioner qualify for a Federal Tax Rebate?
Many ductless split systems are ENERGY STAR® qualified and eligible for the Federal Tax Rebate for ENERGY STAR® products. ENERGY STAR® qualified window and thru-the-wall room air conditioners are not eligible for the Federal Tax rebate but may qualify for a rebate from your local utility company. Check with ENERGY STAR® to see what rebates apply to your area.
The power cord on my new air conditioner looks different. Why?
Effective August 1, 2004, the National Electric Code (NEC – Article 440.65) and UL 484 Standard required room air conditioning manufacturers to use either an LCDI or an AFCI power cord. These power cords are equipped with a device that senses current leaks either between or from the conductors and interrupts the circuit by removing the supply source from the cord. This is done either electronically or via "air break" contacts. The cord remains de-energized until the condition causing the excessive leakage current has cleared, or the device has been manually reset. That's a lot of engineering-speak for "the cord is safer".


What causes ice to build up in an air conditioner?
Icing can be caused by a number of factors. Units that have not been cleaned over a long period of time may have coils and fins clogged by dust, dirt or debris. Clogged coils and fins restrict air flow through the unit, which can cause the compressor to work even harder – so hard, that it may reduce the coil temperature below the normal range in an attempt to make up for the lost cooling power from the blocked coils. Another potential cause is running a unit with a very cold set point (i.e. turning the target temperature down very low) on low fan speed for an extended period of time. This can cause excess condensate to build up on the coils, further lowering the temperature of the coil and leading to icing. It may be helpful to ask an authorized warranty servicer to check the unit for you.
Water is draining into my room from my air conditioner. What do I do?
Water leaking into the room is generally caused by either the unit sitting level in the window or the unit needing to be cleaned. Water collects in the front of the unit and then travels to the back where the slinger ring will toss it against the coils in the back and then the water evaporates. If the unit does not have the proper slope from front to back, then the water will leak out the front. There is a mosquito trap approximately 1/3 of the way down the side of the unit. This is to prevent insects from getting into your room. If this has become clogged, then again the water cannot get to the back and will leak out the front. Having your unit cleaned will solve this problem. If you feel that neither of these conditions exist then you need to make sure that there is no air leaking in from the outside around the unit anywhere. Leaking air will cause condensation to form on the outside of the unit which will leak into your room. If there are any air leaks you will need to reseal these areas
Can I use a cover over the outside of my air conditioner during the months when it is not in use?
Please do not cover the outside of your air conditioner unless you first remove the unit from the sleeve, clean it and dry the base pan. Friedrich air conditioners are designed to hold water in the base pan. If the air conditioner is covered, the water cannot evaporate, and mold and mildew will form. If the air conditioner is installed per the instructions, you should not have problems with air coming in or around the unit. Everything in the rear of the air conditioner is sealed so snow and rain cannot harm the air conditioner. Friedrich Air Conditioning does not make covers for air conditioners.


How do I choose the correct unit capacity/ Btu size?
The Find My New Friedrich tool can help. You should consider a number of variables when sizing a unit, such as location, room insulation, how many people will be using the room, size and location of windows, to name a few. Our Sizing Guide will give you an approximate size, or you can link to the AHAM web site, http://www.cooloff.org for a much more complete sizing guide. You also could have an HVAC professional conduct a heat-loss study at your location to determine exactly what type and size unit is best for your application.
How do I determine the proper cooling capacity for my space?
The Find My New Friedrich tool can help. Also see the sizing guide in any of our product specifications for specific information on choosing the right size unit for your space.
My unit produces cold air but it keeps turning off and on every few minutes, and I'm never comfortable. What is happening?
Your unit is probably too large for your room and is "short cycling." This happens when cold air from an oversized unit bounces off the wall and back towards the unit, creating a room-temperature reading that's cooler than the actual temperature. This false reading causes the compressor to shut off before the room has truly reached your desired set-point. While the compressor is off, the "real" room air enters the intake grille, and the thermostat reads that the room is no longer at the set temperature, so it turns the compressor back on. Your unit cycles off and on approximately every two to three minutes to reach the set-point. While the air coming out of the unit is cold, the compressor does not remain on long enough to cool the entire room. The only solution is to correctly size the unit's capacity to the room size and demand. The Find My New Friedrich tool can help. A unit's capacity is determined by its Btu. Larger rooms need a higher-capacity unit (a greater Btu) to cool correctly. But a unit that is too large for the room will reach its set point too quickly and the compressor will turn off before the air conditioner has had adequate time to remove humidity from the air.


Where do I get information regarding my extended warranty?
If you paid extra for any warranty, when you purchased your unit, then you would need to contact your dealer. Friedrich does not sell extended warranties but does have a free manufacturer's warranty that is part of all of our units.
Where can I find product warranty information?
Warranty documents are available for download two ways: from the Downloads section in the upper right corner of the "model specifications" for each product line, and directly from the Manuals and Brochures page.
I only use my air conditioner a few months per year. Why is my warranty based on when I purchased it?
Friedrich follows the industry standard of time-based warranties for our products.


Do I need to install my XStar using window brackets in order to meet the New York Building Code?
The New York Local Law 11 of 1998 mandates the periodic inspection of the exterior walls and appurtenances of buildings greater than six stories in height. LL 11/98 and 1 RCNY 32-03 concern the conditions including "significant deterioration, and movement observed as well as a statement concerning the apparent water-tightness of the exterior surfaces, and the deleterious effect of exterior appurtenances, including exterior fixtures, flagpoles, signs, parapets, copings, guard rails, window frames, window guards, window air conditioners, flower boxes, etc." Window air conditioners should be both water tight so as not to allow exterior water into the building and firmly installed so as not to cause damage to a structure due to movement. XStar models should meet these requirements if properly installed. However, if you want to add a window bracket, you can purchase a WIKQ window installation kit that contains exterior window brackets. Contact our Northeast Regional Parts Depot at (718) 545-4896 or an authorized parts dealer.
What does RoHS compliant mean?
RoHS compliance has not been adopted as a standard in the U.S. but is frequently required in European countries. RoHS (Restriction of use of Hazardous Substances) regulations limit or ban specific substances — lead, cadmium, polybrominated biphenyl (PBB), mercury, hexavalent chromium, and polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) flame retardants — in new electronic and electric equipment. RoHS compliance means the manufacturer is acting in full accordance with RoHS regulations and has documented testing for RoHS-controlled substances. http://www.bis.gov.uk/nmo/enforcement/rohs-home
Do I need a MEA for my unit?
The Office of Technical Certification and Research (OTCR) has absorbed the functions of the Materials and Equipment Acceptance (MEA) division. Under OTCR, materials are now code prescribed or alternative to the Code. Code-prescribed prodcuts, which conform to prescribed standards, are recognized as approved materials and can be used without Department evaluation or approval. Our RAC products are UL certified and because of that, the New York OTCR deems them as code prescribed, therefore not requiring an MEA number. http://database.ul.com/cgi-bin/XYV/template/LISEXT/1FRAME/index.html


What size of sleeve would the Wall Master fit?
The WallMaster would fit any standard 27" sleeve.
Does the WallMaster have an energy saver mode function? L
The WallMaster has a MoneySaver setting that helps you save money by operating the fan only when needed.
Does the WallMaster only have one airflow option?
The WallMaster has a reversible louver that will allow a second airflow option. So if you don't want the air to go in an upward direction this will would help!


Can I install a UniFit into an existing sleeve?
Yes, UniFits can be installed in sleeves ranging from 24.5" to 27".
Does the UniFit have an energy saving mode?
The UniFit has a MoneySaver setting that helps save you money by ensuring the fan goes on and off with the compressor, thereby reducing electric consumption.
Does the UniFit have a stale air exhaust option?
The UniFit does have a stale air exhaust option. You would activate this by swinging the lever to the side which opens a door on the back of the unit.


Can I control my Chill unit remotely?
The Chill units are not compatible with the Friedrichlink adapter so it would not be able to be controlled remotely.
Can I install my Chill unit through a wall or a window?
Yes, you do have the option of installing your Chill unit through a window or a wall, as long as none of the side louvers are covered.
Does my unit automatically restart when there is a power outage?
Yes, all of our Chill units have an auto-restart with setting retention feature in case of a power outage.


How do I reboot the control panel on a QuietMaster Programmable model?
With the unit on, simultaneously hold down the Money Saver and the Filter Alert buttons for approximately 10 seconds. If the panel reboots, you will hear the fan come on and the temperature window will read 60 degrees. Turn the unit off for about 10 seconds and then turn it back on to finish the reboot cycle. If the panel does not reboot, you'll need to replace the panel.
I have an older QuietMaster, what new units would be a direct replacement for it?
Depending on the size of your current unit, the Kuhl models would be the direct replacements for the older QuietMasters. For example, if your current QuietMaster model number is SL28L30 then the direct replacement would be SL28N30.
Does the current hole size I have for my QuietMaster need to be changed if I replace it with a new Kuhl model?
As long as the chassis size remains the same, for example you have a SL model and you get another SL model, no adjustments will need to be made to the size of your thru-the-wall hole.


Can I control my unit remotely?
With the Kuhl "N" series models you can control your unit remotely with the FriedrichLink accessory. A wireless router would be needed for communication to be processed.
Can I use my phone to control my unit when I am not at home?
With the Kuhl "N" series you can control your unit remotely with either your phone, pc, tablet, or laptop as long as there is a wireless router and the unit is connected through the FriedrichLink adapter.
Does my unit automatically restart when there is a power outage?
Yes, all of our Kuhl units have an auto-restart with setting retention feature in case of a power outage.


What's the difference between the ZoneAire portable air conditioner's cooling and dehumidification modes?
All ZoneAire models have specific modes for cooling and dehumidification.

In cooling mode the unit reduces the room temperature to the desired set-point and extracts humidity from the air.

In dehumidification mode the unit removes humidity from the air. The compressor operates and the fan runs at a low speed so the unit can draw the moist air over the coil and dry it before it is sent back into the room.

Use the dehumidification mode instead of the cooling mode if the temperature in the room is acceptable but the humidity level is higher than you like. Dehumidification mode will operate regardless of the temperature set-point on the air conditioner. Please note that operating the unit in dehumidification mode may slowly lower the room temperature.
Does your PH14B dehumidify the same way as a dehumidifier?
Our PH14B does offer similar dehumidification operation as a dehumidifier.  When in Dehumidification mode the slinger/pinwheel inside the unit that slings water is shut-off, so no water is applied to the outdoor coil which would normally exhaust into the conditioned space – instead it will be directed into the internal storage bucket.  If desired you may connect a hose to this gravity feed drain and allow for a constant drain.
Does the automatic pump work with all system modes or only in heating mode?
The Automatic Pump feature in the PH14B Portable Unit will work in all modes.


I have noticed warmer air near my portable dehumidifier. Why?
It is normal for the surrounding air to become slightly warmer as the dehumidifier operates. For a dehumidifier to work, moist, humid air is drawn over a cold dehumidifying coil. Moisture in the air condenses on this coil and drains into a bucket (or out through a hose). Dry, filtered air is then drawn over the condenser coil where it may actually warm several degrees before being discharged out the rear grill into the room.
Does your PH14B dehumidify the same way as a dehumidifier?
Our PH14B does offer similar dehumidification operation as a dehumidifier.  When in Dehumidification mode the slinger/pinwheel inside the unit that slings water is shut-off, so no water is applied to the outdoor coil which would normally exhaust into the conditioned space – instead it will be directed into the internal storage bucket.  If desired you may connect a hose to this gravity feed drain and allow for a constant drain.
Where do I find the model and serial number?
You can locate the model and serial number on the back, bottom right of the unit on a sticker or on the box that the unit came in.


What is "Dry Mode"?
Friedrich air conditioners with a "Dry Mode" setting can be used on high-humidity days to remove humidity from your room. The unit still cools in Dry Mode, but the unit will run continuously on a low fan speed to continue removing moisture from the air.
Where can I find service for my split sytem?
Friedrich does not have a list of authorized servicers due to the warranty only covering parts. You can contact your dealer for assistance or you can contact any HVAC certified company for service.
What does inverter technology mean?
Inverter technology varies the compressor, the condenser and the indoor fan speeds, eliminating constant compressor start-ups/shut-downs that traditional systems require to maintain the set temperature.

The system can adjust the capacity and cooling output to provide only the amount of cooling that is needed at a given time. For example if you have an 18,000 btu system and all you need is 15,500 it will operate on the lesser btu making the unit more efficient.


When should I install a Breeze?™
If quiet, energy efficient operation is important, then Breeze™ is probably the system for you. Breeze™ is great in most locations, including rooms without windows and other hard to cool areas and places where you do not want or cannot use other types of cooling solutions. Use Breeze™ in bedrooms, family rooms, sunrooms, basements, attics, garages, offices, room additions, wine cellars, pool houses and guest quarters. Use Breeze™ as your primary cooling and heating source or use Breeze™ to condition only the rooms you need or as supplemental cooling and heating.
What are the requirements?
The outdoor unit must be within 25 feet of the indoor unit connection and the indoor electrical outlet must be within 6 feet of the indoor unit. The small system requires 115 volt power and the large system requires 230/208 volt power so be certain you have the correct voltage and plug face to connect your indoor unit.
Can I install it myself?
Breeze™ comes with everything you need for installation (except for some basic tools). The patent-pending quick connect line set does not require a licensed HVAC technician or an electrician to install the system. Confident DIYers should be able to master this project. However, we do recommend that you seek professional assistance if necessary.


Why do I hear a high pitch/sizzling/crackling noise when Plasma Generator is on?
If your Friedrich AP260 Air Purifier is operating with the Plasma Generator option on and it begins to make noise, then it is probable that there could be an environmental factor involved. Sometimes conditions such as high humidity levels or possible debris deposited on the Plasma Generator Probes can cause it to make a high pitch/sizzling/crackling noise.

To verify if humidity/debris is a factor turn the Plasma Generator off and if the noise stops then proceed with the following:

To clean the Plasma Generator:

  • First disconnect your Air Purifier from its power supply
  • Locate the Plasma Generator on the back side of your unit inside the top left center section of the air outlet

  • Use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol and gently wipe in between the Plasma Generator electrodes to clean any deposited debris
  • Reconnect your Air Purifier to the power supply then turn your unit and Plasma Generator back on (if the noise has discontinued or is at a tolerable level, then the problem has been resolved)
  • If the noise continues at an intolerable level, then environmental conditions need to be verified for humidity
  • If humidity levels are high, discontinue use of the Plasma Generator

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