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Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner


ZoneAire® is an air conditioner, a dehumidifier, a fan and even a heater* (*ZHP14DA only) in one. Its dual-hose design cools up to 40% faster and prevents air leakage. There’s no installation — just vent it and plug it in.

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3-in-1 System or 4-in-1 System Options

ZoneAire® portable units are designed to provide air conditioning, dehumidification and a fan. Our ZHP14DA model also provides heating abilities using a heat pump. Units can remove up to 72 pts./day when used as a dehumidifier.

Condensate Drainage

Friedrich’s portable air conditioner models are equipped with a self-evaporative condensate system. There is no bucket to empty! Should the unit become full of condensate, it will automatically shut off using its condensate overflow protection feature.

Auto Swing Louvers

Units come standard with auto swing air louvers for even air distribution. Louvers will operate at all three fan speeds.

User-Friendly Operation

ZoneAire® portables units have a control panel on the top of the unit. The set-point temperature will be displayed both on top of the unit by the controls and on the unit’s front display panel. If there is an interruption in power, the unit will auto restart when power is restored.

Breathe Easy

Maintain that breath of fresh air inside your home with easy-access washable filters.


Units are quick to start-up and begin cooling. All needed installation accessories are included with your ZoneAire® portable purchase. Just unbox your new unit, and you will find all needed equipment inside.


Specifications By Model

View basic model specs below. See product specs for more details.

Model Operation Cooling BTU (SACC/ASHRAE 128) Heating BTU (ASHRAE 128 / DOE STD) EER CEER Voltage Cooling Area (Sq Ft.) REFRIGERANT
ZCP08SA Cool Only 5,350/8,500 --- 2.8 6.3 115 Up to 200 R-32
ZCP10SA Cool Only 6,250/10,000 --- 2.99 6.6 115 Up to 300 R-32
ZCP12SA Cool Only 8,000/12,000 --- 2.8 7.2 115 Up to 400 R-32
ZCP12DB Cool Only 7,500/11,000 --- 9.6 7.1 115 Up to 400 R-32
ZHP14DB Cool/Heat Pump 8,300/12,000 9,500 / 9,500 10.6 7.4 115 Up to 500 R-32

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