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A Better Solution for Hospitality
and Multi-Family Suites

Friedrich's Vert-I-Pak® is a quiet, energy efficient option for extended stay properties, suites, assisted living, student housing and commercial spaces.

Ducted and closet-mounted, Vert-I-Pak eliminates the need for multiple thru-the-wall units. The packaged Vert-I-Pak unit is installed out of sight, so guests enjoy a more attractive, more homelike appearance.

Vert-I-Pak® is a Superior Product

What you’ll find on Friedrich Vert-I-Pak® What you'll find on many competitor's products
  1. Floating chassis design slides into a wall plenum and is held firmly in place by a sealing gasket, reducing noise from vibration transfer.
  2. ½ inch foil-backed insulation added on the inside of the chassis to reduce sound transmission into the guest room.
  3. Efficiencies above industry standards with EERs up to 10.7.
  4. Condensate removal system uses slinger ring technology to cool the coil and increase efficiency.
  5. Dynamically balanced blower with large, vibration-absorbing motor mounts for smooth and quiet operation.
  6. Patented telescoping plenums (accessory) easily adapt to more installations.
  7. 5 year limited warranty* (on the sealed system) includes labor.
  1. Chassis is screwed into the wall plenum. Metal-on-metal contact transfers vibration, increasing operating noise under typical conditions. Noise is transferred through the walls and into the room.
  2. No insulation on the unit to reduce noise transmission into the guest room.
  3. Hard plastic feet on the unit base which are less durable and transfer harsh vibration noise.
  4. Different plenums needed based on varying wall depths.
  5. No labor warranty.

Typical Vert-I-Pak® Installation

Friedrich offers a complete line of Vert-I-Paks®

  Electric Heat
  • COOLING: 9000-23000 Btu, EERs up to 10.7
  • ELECTRIC HEAT: 8500-34130 Btu
  Heat Pump
  • COOLING: 9000-23000 Btu, EERs up to 10.7
  • REVERSE HEATING: 8400-20000 Btu, All 3.0 COP


  A better heating and cooling option
  inside and out

  • Eliminates the clutter of outdoor condensing units and the need for vandalism barriers.
  • Completely self-contained
  • No refrigerant lines running from floor to floor
  • Fast, easy replacement keeps spaces livable

  A better choice than whole
  building solutions

  • Lower installed cost
  • Independent metering (no need to prorate for multitenant applications)
  • Individual temperature set point (one unit can heat and others can cool)
  • Less risk, with a whole building system, spaces may become uninhabitable until the system is repaired or replaced
  • Vert-I-Pak can be easily accessed for maintenance or replacement

  Reliable and durable

  • PSC permanently lubricated motor for low maintenance and maximum efficiency
  • Engineered drain pan won’t rust, eliminating the risk of unsightly rust stains from condensation on the building exterior
  • Painted, 18-gauge galvanized steel cabinet resists corrosion
  • Standard safety power disconnect
  • Electronic control panel on unit for easy diagnostics and servicing
  • 100% run tested prior to shipment - Every unit is tested in every operating mode before it ships for optimal performance and reliability

  Easy installation

  • Can be installed from any interior side (front, right or left)
  • Ductable to multiple rooms
  • Compact and lightweight, weighs as little as 114 lbs.
  • Installation does not require an HVAC technician
  • Prewired, charged and piped
  • All units are ready to install with only electrical hook up needed to be up and running
  • 10” crimped and beaded duct-collar ready to attach flex duct
  • Patented telescoping wall plenums adjust to fit varying exterior wall thicknesses
  • Primary condensate removal system provided thru 3/4” pipe fittings for more placement options
  • Secondary overflow from primary drain*
  • Central desk control ready
  • 24-volt remote wireless or wired thermostat ready
  • All units are shipped (on pallet) with return air filter

Save big on energy without compromising guest comfort

FriedrichLink® Thermostats, the Energy Management Solution for Friedrich Vert-I-Pak®

Real Time Motion and Thermal Occupancy Sensor: Integrated Occupancy Sensor uses a combination of motion and thermal sensing technologies for accurate occupancy detection at all times - no need to install additional devices such as door switches or sensors.

Wired or Wireless Installation: Wired or wireless connectivity with extensive configuration options deliver full compatibility and easy integration with virtually any packaged HVAC system.

5 Energy Savings Presets: 5 distinct energy saving modes make it easy to choose the optimal energy saving settings for any property.

Friedrich’s EMRT1 and EMWRT1 thermostats use real-time motion and thermal occupancy detection to save energy.

When the room is unoccupied, the thermostat automatically adjusts the temperature to eliminate unnecessary heating and cooling.
Remote Management: Web-based remote management provides expansive solutions for remote monitoring and configuration from any computer connected to the internet. Built-in Wireless Networking enables remote management without using or interfering with property’s existing wireless infrastructure. True mesh networking eliminates the need for additional networking equipment such as signal repeaters or multiple data collection boxes.

  Improved guest comfort

  • Individually controlled
  • Heat and cool
  • Duct air specifically where it’s needed, not just on the outside wall
  • 2-speed fan with constant fan option on Friedrich RT6 and WRT1 thermostats

  Warranty and Support

  • Industry leading warranty features 1 year full warranty on parts and labor and 5 year limited warranty.
  • Nationwide service network and U.S. based Friedrich expert technical team ensures you get fast, knowledgeable service.

Optional Accessories

Extruded aluminum grille that attaches to the outdoor section of the wall plenum. Takes in fresh air and returns condensed air. VPSC2 can be ordered in custom colors.

DIMENSIONS: 25 9/16" W x 31 1/16" H

Two-part sleeve that telescopes in and out; sits inside the exterior wall penetration.

VPAWP1-8 telescopes from 51/2”–8”
VPAWP1-14 telescopes from 8”–14”

DIMENSIONS: 24 1/8” W x 30 3/8” H
CUTOUT DIMENSIONS: 24 5/8” W x 30 7/8” H

Hinged panel allows access to unit and return air filter. A field-supplied filter (25”x 20”) should be mounted on the inside grille. Panel can be mounted with return air openings high or low on the door for optimum sound attenuation.

DIMENSIONS: 29” W x 58” H
CUTOUT DIMENSIONS: 27” W x 55 3/4” H

Single piece, welded adapter allows retrofit into existing First Company® SPXR-series single package vertical unit wall sleeve and louver. Easily connects to Friedrich chassis.


Wired, single stage, wall-mounted digital thermostat has two fan speeds and backlight. Controls Friedrich VERT-I-PAK.

Wireless, single stage, wall-mounted digital thermostat has two fan speeds and backlight. Controls Friedrich VERT-I-PAK.


Wired thermostat has occupancy sensor.

Wireless thermostat has occupancy sensor.

Online connection kit.
Remote access fee.
Remote humidity control fee.

For VEA/VHA24 models. May be installed prior to chassis for easy installation/removal.

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