Thru-the-Wall Air Conditioning

Perfect and universal-fit models for 24 ½"-27 ½" sleeve-replacement projects, new construction, retrofits or spaces where a window installation isn’t an option. Commercial and standard-grade lines provide a range of choices.


A perfect fit for existing 27" sleeves, including Fedders A and B (requires a baffle kit). All WallMasters are commercial-grade and feature-packed. Solid side sleeve is ideal for thicker wall installations. 7800 - 15600 Btu/h. Cooling only, heat pumps and cooling + electric heat models.


A universal fit for existing sleeves from 24 ½"-27". Ships with a two-piece trim ring that fits over the chassis front. 8000 - 13000 Btu/h. Cooling only and cooling + electric heat models.

Commercial Kühl

Durable, commercial grade cooling for walls up to 15'/8" deep. Maximum depth varies by model.

Commercial Chill

Our highly rated, energy-efficient Chill line features capacities from 5450 to 23500 Btu for a range of lighter-duty applications. Cooling only and cooling + electric heat.