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Heightened concerns over airborne pathogens and other environmental hazards are here to stay. As your room air experts, Friedrich remains committed to improving the air you breathe with our newest innovation, FreshAire IAQ solutions - a suite of indoor air quality accessories for use with Friedrich Air Conditioners, all with one dedicated purpose - healthy indoor air. FreshAire IAQ solutions expand upon our current award-winning, patented make-up system (available in VRP & FreshAire PTAC) to now include industry-leading air quality technologies such as MERV 13 filtration, UV germicidal light, and bi-polar ionization. Together, they represent a major leap forward in integrated HVAC air purification and rebuilding confidence for indoor environments. Read below to find out more about this exciting innovation.

MERV 13 filtration traps small particles including bacteria & viruses

UV germicidal light sterilizes air to kill biological contaminants

Bi-polar ionization neutralizes unwanted airborne particles

FreshAire make-up air system supplies filtered and conditioned outdoor air

Profitable, Easy-to-install IAQ Solutions for
Friedrich Ductless Split Systems

ductless freshaire ready iaq-1

Profitable add-ons that are easy-to-install, with proven benefits for the health and quality of indoor air that will help alleviate customer concerns about the air they breathe. UVL1 Ultraviolet LED removes bacteria, viruses, mold and fungus from circulated air. APWM1 Purification kills mold, bacteria and viruses, and effectively removes odors and VOCs.

Freshaire IAQ transparent

These exclusive Friedrich innovations work independently, or together to provide safety, comfort and confidence in the air you breathe. See below for options available by product category.

Mini UV LED in mini-split

UV Germicidal Light

Germicidal UV-C light is emitted, killing mold, bacteria, and viruses, increasing indoor air quality.

Available on: PTAC (UVT1), Vert-I-Pak (UVT1), VRP 7-12K (UVT1), Ductless Mini-Split Systems (UVL1)

UVT1 Sell Sheet for PTAC, Vert-I-Pak, & VRP 7-12K

UVT1 Installation Manual for PTAC, Vert-I-Pak, & VRP 7-12K

UVL1 Sell Sheet for Ductless Mini-Split Systems

UVL1 Installation Manual (coming soon)

Kuhl_MERV 13 filter installed

FreshAire MERV 13 Filtration

MERV 13 filtration reduces the quantity of air contaminants inside the HVAC environment.

Available on: Kühl, Vert-I-Pak, VRP

Kuhl MERV 13 Filter Installation Manual

Vert-I-Pak MERV 13 Installation Manual

VRP MERV 13 Filter Installation Manual

FA PTAC with iWave

FreshAire Purifier by iWave

Bi-Polar ionization designed specifically for treating air in HVAC systems. Actively purifies air.

Available on: PTAC (APWM1), Vert-I-Pak (APWR1), VRPstudio/7K (APWM1) VRP12-36K (APWR1), Ductless Mini-Split Systems (APWM1)

APWM1 Sell Sheet for PTAC, VRPstudio/7K, & Ductless Mini-Split Systems

APWM1 Installation Manual for PTAC (coming soon)

APWM1 Installation Manual for VRPstudio/ 7K (coming soon)

APWR1 Sell Sheet for Vert-I-Pak and VRP 12-36K

APWR1 Installation Manual for Vert-I-Pak (coming soon)

APWR1 Installation Manual for VRP 12-36K (coming soon)

APWM1 Installation Manual for Ductless Mini-Split Systems


FreshAire Make-Up Air (MUA) System

Friedrich's patented and award-winning FreshAire technology provides dedicated, active fresh outdoor air to deliver filtered and treated make-up air (MUA).

Available on: FreshAire PTAC, VRP

FreshAire PTAC Product Page

FreshAire PTAC Brochure

VRP Product Page

VRP Brochure

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