Project Spotlight: Bison Shed Into a House

This project highlights the trials the “You Can’t Turn That Into A House” team faced as they welded a steel bison shed and upended an old container to create a light-filled, beautiful two-story home.

This bison shed conversion called for an exceptional cooling and heating solution. Friedrich saved the day with a state-of-the-art ductless system. With the ability to run off a generator and deliver efficient, powerful cooling and heating, Friedrich’s system promises to provide year-round comfort for the family to enjoy their ingenious new house.
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Project Spotlight: School Bus Merger Makeover

It took a bull ranch, two old buses and some serious blow torching to convert two 30-year old derelict vehicles into a modern, comfortable hang-out space.

Friedrich's multi-zone ductless system made sure consistent, comfortable temperatures could
be achieved quietly. Click here to read the complete case study.