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MERV-13 Filtration is the Best-Kept Secret for NYC Boys & Girls High School 

New York City was the first major school system in the United States, to authorize the use of MERV-13 filtration in through-the-wall window air conditioners to slow the spread of SARS-CoV-2. Boys and Girls High School in Brooklyn was an early adopter of MERV-13 filtration for their numerous window air conditioning units. MERV-13 filters have been shown to reduce students’ risk of viral transmission and protect students from contracting the SARS-CoV-2 virus because the filter is significantly more efficient at capturing the virus than more commonly used air conditioning filters. Click here to read the complete case study.

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MERV-13 Filtration to Protect Student Health: Pathway to Creating Healthy Schools

Eneref Institute encourages governments to fund MERV-13 filtration installation throughout the U.S. public school system. To protect students from respiratory virus infection, MERV-13 air filtration is highly recommended by organizations responsible for school safety. Better filtration will not only prepare school districts for the SARSCoV-2 virus and for the next infectious disease but will create immediate Indoor Air Quality benefits for over 50 million students. Click here to read the complete case study.

Criteria for Evaluation: Select-Service Hotel Indoor Air Quality

Demand for fresh air, or makeup air, in hotel guestrooms is driven by several imperatives: the necessity for thermal comfort, improved indoor air quality, and building code compliance. Because hospitality is a service industry and hotel guests spend much of their time indoors, thermal comfort and IAQ are especially consequential. When done correctly, introducing fresh air into hotel guestrooms results in healthier IAQ, fewer airborne pathogens, and a lower risk of sick building syndrome.  Click here to read the complete case study.


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Eneref Institute Dorm PTAC


Room Air Conditioner Improves Ventilation in Emory University Dorm

Emory University is the first campus in the United States to install a new energy-saving air conditioning technology in a dormitory. The energy-efficient inverter-driven PTAC is unique in the way in which it circulates fresh air into each dorm room. Proper ventilation is critical to comfort and humidity control, as well as reducing risks from toxins and microorganisms. Click here to read the complete case study.

Inverter Air Conditioner Cuts Energy Use in Atlanta Highrise

The Friedrich® VRP™ Vertical Packaged VRF system was featured in a new Eneref Report promoting best-in-class HVAC technology as part of Eneref Insitute’s “Cool Room Cool Earth” Campaign. Friedrich Vertical Packaged VRF Units were installed in an Atlanta highrise and won praise from building occupants for cooling and comfort. According to the engineering firm that oversaw the HVAC renovation the Friedrich VRP units were also chosen by the building’s design team because of the considerable amount of fresh air the VRP brought into the building. Click here to read the complete case study.




Friedrich's Hazardgard AC Units Make Cooling Affordable for ABB Analyzer Cabinets in Hazardous Applications

Analytical instruments used for gas and oil measurements need to stay cool to maintain accuracy in desert or tropical environments. Add heat generated by electrical equipment in a confined space, plus hazardous and possibly flammable chemicals in the air, and it's easy to think that only a custom engineered HVAC system could handle the demanding duty. But a world leader in packaged analyzer cabinets, ABB Engineering, turned to Friedrich's Hazardgard units for a safe, cost-effective cooling solution for cabinets deployed from Saudi Arabia to South America.

Click here to read the complete case study.

Bison Shed Into a House

This project highlights the trials the “You Can’t Turn That Into A House” team faced as they welded a steel bison shed and upended an old container to create a light-filled, beautiful two-story home.

This bison shed conversion called for an exceptional cooling and heating solution. Friedrich saved the day with a state-of-the-art ductless system. With the ability to run off a generator and deliver efficient, powerful cooling and heating, Friedrich’s system promises to provide year-round comfort for the family to enjoy their ingenious new house.
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School Bus Merger Makeover

It took a bull ranch, two old buses and some serious blow torching to convert two 30-year old derelict vehicles into a modern, comfortable hang-out space.

Friedrich's multi-zone ductless system made sure consistent, comfortable temperatures could be achieved quietly. Click here to read the complete case study. 



Friedrich Ductless Systems Provided Maximum Relief for Some Very Special San Antonio Zoo Visitors

When the zoo approached Friedrich to determine the best option for an A/C solution for the new facility which had no ductwork in place, the choice was obvious. The company donated three new Friedrich Floating Air Series Ductless Split Systems to help provide maximum comfort and efficiency.
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Peter Island Resort: Friedrich Ductless Split Systems

Peter Island, located on a small island in the British Virgin Islands about 25 minutes by boat from the nearest residential island, is a tropical island hideaway for the rich and famous. The property chose ductless split systems to condition the concrete bungalows because ductwork was not a realistic option and window units were not considered desirable in the upscale property. Reliability is essential. New Friedrich ductless split systems were installed throughout the entire property. The Resort chose Friedrich because he had purchased Friedrich split systems while managing another Caribbean resort and was pleased with their reliability and durability. According to The Resort, the Caribbean is saturated with other brands of ductless split systems that have historically had corrosion problems. Friedrich was one of the first to offer split systems and the units are well built to endure the hostile salt and humidity.

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