Residential Air Conditioning

Friedrich has smart cooling solutions for every type of home, from apartments and condos to multi-story dwellings. Whether you’re cooling one room or several, we’ll help you find precisely what you need for maximum comfort.


Friedrich window air conditioners are unmatched for quality, comfort, efficiency and features. Explore our product lines to find yours.


Residential Breeze™

Breeze™, a new easy-to-install, two-piece air conditioner (called a
ductless split system), keeps it simple.

Choose from 2 sizes—small or large—and whether to install it through-the-wall or through-the-window. Breeze™ will even reach a 2nd floor or basement. And because of its revolutionary design, you can take it with you if you move. Top these convenience factors off with ultra-high efficiency variable capacity performance and remarkably quiet operation, and it's easy to see where Breeze™ gets its name.

Residential Kühl

Kühl is innovative, style and technology. And Kühl is the first room air conditioner that can be controlled from a smart phone, computer or other mobile device. From design to engineering, construction to control, Kühl is the most advanced room air conditioner ever produced. Cool-only and cool+heat models. New smaller sizes and capacities. ENERGY STAR® qualified models.

Residential Chill

Stylish and sophisticated, our premium line of room air conditioners has great features at a very attractive price. Cool-only and cool+heat models. ENERGY STAR® qualified models.


Your home can be cool and comfortable with our built-in solutions: thru-the-wall, ductless split systems and packaged terminal systems.



Many window air conditioners can also be installed through the wall.


Commercial-grade WallMaster is a perfect fit for existing 27" sleeves. The angled air discharge delivers superior air distribution on low wall installations. Cool only and cool+heat. ENERGY STAR® qualified models.


Uni-Fit is a universal-fit model, designed for easy installation in existing 24 ½-27" sleeves. Cool-only and cool+heat models can replace a number of name-brand units. ENERGY STAR® qualified models.

Ductless Split Systems

Get the benefits of a central system without installing costly ductwork. Cool up to four rooms with a single system!


Wall-Mounted Ductless Split Systems

Ductless systems mount on an interior wall and can be positioned unobtrusively in a room. Control each air handler independently for room-by-room comfort. Inverter Technology ensures ultra efficient operation.

Ceiling Cassette

If you prefer a flush-mount or have a drop ceiling with at least 9 ¼" above-ceiling clearance, take a look at the ceiling cassette. Nothing shows but the grille.

Ceiling Suspended 2013

Conditioning a large space, like a workshop, garage or playroom? Have a room where a wall-mount isn’t possible? No problem. These powerful units provide 3 tons of cooling and heating capacity, with even air distribution and a number of energy-saving features.

Universal Floor/Ceiling 2013

Get ultimate placement flexibility with our universal system. You can mount the indoor air handlers low on a wall or on the ceiling. Plus, you can cool and heat multiple zones with up to 2 tons of capacity.


Our packaged terminal systems feature advanced engineering for even quieter performance and expanded comfort settings.


Residential PTAC

The “hotel” air conditioner can bring cool comfort—and heat—to any room in your home that requires a shallower configuration. New 2-year full warranty includes parts and labor. Plus 5-year limited warranty.


Don’t want to install a unit? Get cooling, dehumidification and a fan in one easy-to-maneuver unit that moves with you from room to room. Available as a heat pump.


Residential ZoneAire® Portable Air Conditioner

ZoneAire is an air conditioner, a dehumidifier, a fan and even a heater* (*model PH14B only) in one. Its dual-hose design cools up to 40% faster and prevents air leakage. There’s no installation — just vent it and plug it in.

Residential ZoneAire® Compact Portable Air Conditioner

The ZoneAire® Compact offers great versatility with excellent cooling ability, plus more. Our 8K and 10K have a 3-IN-1 system; air conditioner, heater and dehumidifier.

Air Purifier

AP260 Air Purifier

The AP260 is an innovation in air quality technology that offers a 5-stage filtration process which reaches up to 260 square feet. With Intelligent Auto Operation, it automatically adjusts its cleaning level to sense changes in air quality and indicates your air quality status through a unique colored LED display. It’s modern, efficient and convenient.