NEW 2014 Ductless Split Systems Line

Friedrich’s new J-Series ductless split system line offers 146 installation configurations- of which 102 meet ENERGY STAR® published minimums with SEERs up to 25.0 and EERs up to 14.0. The ductless wall-mounted units have several unique, built-in features that make for a simpler, one-person installation. Friedrich’s Precision Inverter™ Technology adjusts outdoor and indoor fan speeds and cooling output, to provide more precise cooling and dehumidification.

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Wall-Mounted Ductless Split Systems

Wall-Mounted systems are available in single and multizone configurations that condition up to 4 independent zones. Each indoor unit is individually controlled for room-by-room comfort. They mount on most interior walls, including ones without windows. Inverter technology ensures ultra efficient operations.

Ceiling Cassette

Ideal in drop ceilings or other spaces where a flush-mount installation is preferred, ceiling cassettes require 9 ¼” above-ceiling clearance.

Concealed Duct

Indoor unit is installed in the ceiling or furr down for unobtrusive installation. Available for single zone applications or can be mixed-and-matched with wall-mounted and ceiling cassette models in numerous multizone configurations.

Ceiling Suspended 2013

Three tons of cooling and heating capacity easily conditions larger spaces, and it’s ideal when a wall mount isn’t possible. Enjoy even air distribution and a number of energy-saving features.

Universal Floor/Ceiling 2013

Our universal system can be mounted low on a wall or on the ceiling for ultimate flexibility. It offers multi-zone cooling and heating with capacity up to 2 tons.

Ductless Split Systems

The Advantages of a Central System Without the Hassles

Ductless split systems are the ultimate room air conditioner and the cooling solution of choice for the majority of the world. Why? Because ductless split systems can deliver the quiet, unobtrusive zone cooling of a central system without the high cost or challenges of installing ductwork.

They’re ideal for additions or renovations, garage or attic conversions, sunrooms, interior rooms without windows or exterior walls and virtually any home without existing ductwork.

Outdoor condenser transfers heat to the outdoors. Compact unit can be placed at ground level, hung on an outside wall or placed on the roof of a building. Maximum line lengths from 66 to 144 ft.

Like a central air conditioner, ductless split systems are two-piece systems with one part outdoors and one (or multiple) indoor units that distribute the conditioned air. Small electrical and refrigerant lines pass through a 3” hole in an exterior wall and connect the indoor and outdoor units. You will need a licensed professional to handle this part of the installation

Our systems come in a variety of configurations, so you can install the indoor unit(s) on a wall or, with adequate clearance, in the ceiling. And, you won’t be limited to placing the indoor unit in a room with an exterior wall. Unlike many other room cooling solutions, ductless split systems can be installed in interior rooms, even those without windows. We offer cooling-only models as well as high-efficiency heat pump models that heat and cool for year-round comfort.

Quiet Performance

Ductless split systems are extremely quiet because the condensing unit that contains the compressor is located outdoors. The indoor unit(s) produce only fan noise and can be located virtually anywhere in a room. They’re ideal anywhere you want to keep noise out and performance in – a home theater, bedroom or home office.

Cool One Room or Several

One of the disadvantages of central systems is the all-or-nothing temperature setting. Even zoned central systems generally don’t allow you to set individual comfort settings in specific rooms. With a Friedrich multi-zone ductless system you can independently control up to four interior rooms with a single outdoor unit. In addition to personalizing your comfort, you can save money by turning off the units in unoccupied rooms

SEER Ratings Up to 22.0

Energy efficiency also helps you save money, so you’ll appreciate how energy-efficient our systems are. All Friedrich models exceed federal 13.0 SEER requirements, and more than half have super-high ratings of 16.5 to 22.0 SEER. We have seven Energy Star qualified models including six with EERs of 12.5 or higher and SEERs of 15.0 or higher that may qualify for federal tax credits.

Inverter Technology Means Even Greater Efficiency

Inverter Technology lets each indoor unit adjust capacity and cooling output to provide only the BTU/h needed to cool at a given time. For example, an 18,000 BTU/h system may produce only 15,500 BTU/h if that’s all that’s needed to maintain the desired temperature. More efficient operation reduces energy consumption and saves money.

Zero Ducts, Multiple Benefits

Ductless split systems are a great option for so many reasons. You won’t have the high labor and material costs of installing ductwork, and most systems can be up and running in a few hours. No ducts means no loss of cooling power due to leaks, cracks or loose connections in ductwork– all the cooling comes directly to your rooms. And there’s no need to clean dirty air ducts that can harbor dust, germs and allergens.

Cooling Only or Cool Plus Heat?

Choose a cooling-only model or a heat pump model that cools and heats up to four rooms:

Type Uses Mounting Condenser Cooling-Only Model Heat Pump
Single room Cools and/or heats one space Wall One outdoor Yes Yes
Multi-zone Cools and/or heats 2, 3, or 4 rooms Wall One outdoor No Yes
Floor/Ceiling Universal Cool and/or heat one room Wall or ceiling One outdoor No Yes
Ceiling Cassette 9¼ above the ceiling; two branch ducts conditioning 2 rooms Ceiling One outdoor No Yes
Ceiling Suspended Condition one large space; highest BTU/h available Ceiling One outdoor No Yes

Ceiling or Wall Mount?

Before you choose, consider these factors:

  • A ceiling cassette recedes into the ceiling, provides the most overhead clearance in the room and is the least obtrusive, but you must have 9 ¼” above the ceiling.
  • A wall-mounted indoor unit can be placed on either an interior or exterior wall to maximize both comfort and aesthetics. Most wall-mounted indoor units are only 8-9” deep with smaller overall dimensions than other indoor units.

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