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Why choose Concealed Duct?

Concealed duct units are mounted in the ceiling of rooms where minimal visibility of the heating and cooling system is desired. Ideally suited for applications where wall space is limited or the ceiling is the preferred installation location with only a small vent opening visible in the ceiling. Powerful, quiet, compact and energy efficient, the installation will require minimal ductwork.

Concealed Duct Overview

Like other ductless models, a concealed duct system consists of two parts; an outdoor condensing unit, and an indoor air handler installed in the ceiling or a furr down. The indoor unit and outdoor unit are connected by refrigerant and electrical lines that run through a 3" opening in an exterior wall. This system requires a licensed HVAC technician to connect the lines between the indoor and outdoor components.

The advantages of Friedrich Precision Inverter Technology

Friedrich ceiling cassette ductless split systems feature variable speed compressors and fans (called Inverter Technology), which reach the desired temperature faster, maintain it more accurately and reduce energy consumption with fewer compressor startups and shutdowns. Friedrich Precision Inverter uses 1 Hz increments for near zero wasted energy.

Available in single and multizone heat pump models

  • Cooling from: 24000 - 36000 Btu/h
  • Heating from: 27000 - 40000 Btu/h


  • Inverter technology (variable speed compressor)
  • Internal condensate pump included- up to 18-1/2” lift
  • Cooling mode
  • Dehumidifying mode
  • 3 Fan speeds+
  • 24-hour on-off timer
  • Auto restart
  • Auto changeover
  • Sleep mode
  • Control lock function
  • External Static Pressure Range (ESP)
    - 24,000 (0.1 - 0.78) WC
    - 36,000 (0.15 - 0.6) WC

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