Cooling solutions for any job

We help HVAC contractors and installers select and install the right cooling solution, while avoiding return trips to the job site to deal with HVAC problems. Our strong warranties ensure our air conditioning units get the job done while protecting your reputation.

Ease of Installation

We make it easy for you to install our HVAC room solutions by offering features such as a slide-out chassis for window and wall mount units. The slide-out chassis allows you to install the chassis first before you slide the unit into place. This makes installing our units a one-person job. It also reduces the incidence of unit damage during installation, so you can stay on schedule.

Energy Efficiency

Helping your customers reduce energy costs always makes you look good. We offer some of the best SEER and EER Ratings in the industry. You’re not only installing units that will perform over the long-term, but also delivering ongoing costs savings.

Our U.S.-based customer support team is here to answer your questions. Explore our Resources section of this page for more information you will find valuable for selecting room air conditioners for your job site application.

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