Wall Mounted Air Conditioners that Cool the Room while Preserving Your View

What better way to enjoy the cooling comfort of the indoors than with a Friedrich wall mounted air conditioner. Our units are perfect for rooms without exterior walls or windows and free up window space so that you can take in the view.

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Product Detail


Innovative and stylish, Kühl is the most advanced room air conditioner ever produced, with features like:
  • Control on the go using your smartphone, computer or tablet with FriedrichLink
  • Smart Grid capabilities
  • Commercial-grade exterior
  • Quiet operation
  • Advanced dual-stage filtration system
  • Four built-in environmental sensors
  • Energy efficient, up to 20% more than other competitive units
  • Optional six colored front covers


Our premium line of Chill room air conditioners has many of the features you’ll find on our ultra premium Kühl line without the premium price, including:
  • Cooling power from 5450 to 23500 Btu/h, enough to cool single rooms, large open spaces and adjoining rooms
  • Lighter-duty components
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • Consistent air distribution
  • Washable antimicrobial filters
  • EntryGard protection
  • Energy Star® qualified models


Built with the finest commercial-grade materials and components, WallMaster provides durable, quiet cooling comfort in addition to:
  • Multiple installation options
  • Cooling-only, cooling with electric heat or heat pump model options
  • 24-hour programmable timer
  • MoneySaver® setting options
  • Energy Star® qualified models
  • Wireless remote control


Uni-Fit can replace virtually any through-the-wall air conditioner, from sleeves designed to fit an opening 24.5 inches to 26 inches, and offers features like:
  • Cooling-only or cooling with supplemental electric heat model options
  • Six-way air flow control
  • MoneySaver® setting options
  • Energy Star® qualified models
  • Seacoast protection for corrosion resistance