What are the advantages of a slide-out chassis?

Air conditioners are heavy. Removing the heavier chassis from its lightweight shell makes installation and maintenance much easier. All Chill models except the small-capacity, 5500 Btu CP05 feature a slide-out chassis.

Securely install the shell, then insert and affix the chassis according to directions. For a list of required tools as well as detailed instructions, please consult the Chill installation manual (PDF).

Can I install Chill thru-the-wall?

Yes, Chill can be installed in a window or thru-the-wall. Check the model specs to make sure your walls have the proper depth before you begin installation.

Electrical Outlet Information

Plug Face 5-15P

Rating: 115V — 15A

Models: CP05G10B, CP06G10A, CP08G10A, EP08G11B, CP10G10A, CP12G10A, CP15G10A

Plug Face 6-15P

Rating: 230V — 15A

Models: CP18G30A

Plug Face 6-20P

Rating: 230V — 20A

Models: EP12G33B, EP18G33B, CP24G30A, EP24G33A

Plug Face 6-30P

Rating: 230V — 30A

No models with this outlet.