When should a Breeze™ system be installed?

If quiet, energy efficient operation is important, then Breeze™ is probably the system for you. Breeze™ is great in most locations, including rooms without windows and other hard to cool areas and places where you do not want or cannot use other types of cooling solutions. Use Breeze™ in bedrooms, family rooms, sunrooms, basements, attics, garages, offices, room additions, wine cellars, pool houses and guest quarters. Use Breeze™ as your primary cooling and heating source or use Breeze™ to condition only the rooms you need or as supplemental cooling and heating.

What are the requirements?

The outdoor unit must be within 25 feet of the indoor unit connection and the indoor electrical outlet must be within 6 feet of the indoor unit. The small system requires 115 volt power and the large system requires 230/208 volt power so be certain you have the correct voltage and plug face to connect your indoor unit.

What tools are needed to install a Breeze™?

Phillips screw driver, a 1/2" wrench or crescent wrench, a drill with a Phillips bit and a 3/16" drill bit, a 3" hole saw (for through-the-wall installation only) a stud finder, safety glasses, a level, a tape measure and a box cutter or wire cutters. Always wear proper safety gear during installation.

What are the installation options?

You can install Breeze through a wall or through a window. A through-the-wall installation requires that you create a 3" round opening in an exterior wall. A through-the-window installation requires an optional accessory: the SimpleSill™ window installation kit.

Through-the-Window Installation

Through-the-Wall Installation

How is the system powered?

The indoor Breeze unit plugs in to a wall outlet to power the unit. Use the chart below to determine if you have the correct plug face and voltage.

Is a thru-the-wall installation quieter than a window installation?

Possibly, but that really depends on the location of the 3" hole to the exterior that allows the indoor unit to be connected to the outdoor unit. Since Breeze™ is ultra-quiet, outdoor noise intrusion may be a factor. Both the SimpleSill™ installation and the through-the-wall installation come with extra thick gasketing to further minimize any outdoor noise intrusion.

Where should I place the indoor unit in my room?

The most important considerations will be the distance to the outdoor unit (less than 25') and to the indoor electrical outlet (less than 6'). Another consideration may be the location of studs to support the indoor unit or obstacles like window headers. The indoor unit must also be at least 6" from the ceiling to allow for proper air circulation.