Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked installation questions about Uni-Fit. For additional help, call us at 800-541-6645, or visit a Friedrich dealer or distributor.

When should you install a solid-side sleeve?

Installations through a thicker wall can block traditional room/window air conditioners’ side vents, reducing performance and potentially voiding your warranty. A solid-side sleeve eliminates this problem and gives you the option to install the unit either flush with the outside wall or with a slimmer interior profile.

Can I install Uni-Fit in a window?

Uni-Fit can be installed only thru-the-wall. Window kits are not available for this line. To help you decide which installation is best for you, why not review our window models and compare?

Is a thru-the-wall installation quieter than a window installation?

That depends on a number of factors: how it’s installed and the amount of soundproofing and insulation in the room. Units installed in rooms with R22 wall insulation and tightly sealed windows will be quieter than the same unit installed in an garage without insulation soundproofing. Proper window installations can be very quiet, but windows are more susceptible to vibration.

What do you mean by “Universal Fit?”

A Uni-Fit’s 24" wide x 15 ½" high x 16 ¾" deep design fits into 24½", 26" and 27" sleeves, including many from our competitors. To ensure a neat, finished appearance, we include a two-piece trim ring that covers up to a 1" gap between the top of the unit and the sleeve and up to a ½" gap on the sides.

Electrical Outlet Information

Plug Face 5-15P

Rating: 115V — 15A

Models: US08D10B, US10D10B, US12D10B, UE08D11C

Plug Face 6-15P

Rating: 230V — 15A

Models: US10D30B, US12D30B, US14D30B

Plug Face 6-20P

Rating: 230V — 20A

Models: UE10D33C, UE12D33B

Plug Face 6-30P

Rating: 230V — 30A

No models with this outlet.