What’s the difference between a PTAC and a more traditional thru-the-wall unit?

Think of a PTAC as a cooling and heating thru-the-wall unit with different dimensions. At 42" across, it’s wider, but its shallow depth means it doesn’t protrude as far into the room. Plus, its sleek lines and finished look inside and out make it an attractive choice. It operates and installs like any other thru-the-wall unit. Review PTAC’s features for more information.

I thought PTACS were just for hotels or businesses. Can I buy one for my home?

Yes, you can purchase a PTAC from a Friedrich distributor. Consult the dealer locator for one near you.

Electrical Outlet Information

Plug Face 5-15P

Rating: 115V — 15A

No models with this outlet.

Plug Face 6-15P

Rating: 230V — 15A

No models with this outlet.

Plug Face 6-20P

Rating: 230V — 20A

Models: PDH07K, PDE07K, PDH09K, PDE09K, PDH12K, PDE12K

Plug Face 6-30P

Rating: 230V — 30A

Models: PDE07R, PDH07R, PDE09R, PDH09R, PDE12R, PDH12R, PDH15R, PDE15R, PDH15K, PDE15K