Outdoor condenser transfers heat to the outdoors. Compact unit can be placed at ground level, hung on an outside wall or placed on the roof of a building. Maximum line lengths from 66 to 144 ft.

Friedrich ductless split systems have the advantages of a ducted installation without the high material and labor costs. Most systems can be installed and running in a few hours.

Refrigerant lines and electrical pass through a 3" wall opening and run along the exterior of the building to the condensing unit. Electrical hard-wiring is required.

When should I choose a ductless split system vs. a window or thru-the-wall unit?

They’re the best option for rooms without a window or exterior wall, if your walls aren’t thick enough to accommodate a thru-the-wall installation, or if you want to cool a space that has no ductwork. They’re also ideal for zone cooling and in rooms where security is a consideration. The systems are incredibly flexible and energy-efficient, and the different types of air handlers (interior units) give you multiple placement options: high or low on a wall, flush with the ceiling or suspended from it. Learn more on the Ductless Split Systems pages.

Can I install it myself?

We don’t recommend it. The outdoor and indoor components must be connected through electrical and refrigerant lines, so have a licensed HVAC professional who is experienced with refrigerant run the lines and charge the system. To fully understand the installation process see the installation manual PDF.

How much does it cost to install a system?

It will vary by region, but expect to pay $1,200–$1,500. It will take four or more hours to be up and running.