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January 28, 2008 Friedrich Confident in C-90B Air Cleaner Effectiveness

San Antonio, TX (January 28, 2008) – Friedrich agrees with Consumer Reports' conclusions that the research on ionizing air cleaners suggests that they are not effective air cleaners and may potentially do more harm that good for sensitive populations. However, Friedrich's highly-rated air cleaner uses a 3-step electrostatic precipitation and filtration system to achieve one of the highest Clean Air Delivery Rates (CADR) on the market. And, the Friedrich C90-B has enjoyed many years in the top spot in Consumer Reports ratings.

As with any electric appliance, the Friedrich C-90B Electronic Air cleaner does produce small amounts of ozone. However, the C90 produces ozone in amounts 250% BELOW levels considered safe by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and Underwriter's Laboratory (UL) is .050 ppm. Under normal operating conditions, the Friedrich C-90A Electronic Air Cleaner produces between .005 and .020 ppm. As you can tell, this figure is far below the maximum ozone concentration level recommended by the FDA.

Ozone is naturally occurring and can be created in several different ways. With no intervention by humans, the ozone concentration in the outdoor air we breathe varies between .000 and .030 parts per million (ppm). Ozone is known to breakdown into oxygen when it comes into contact with surfaces like carpet, furniture and walls. We question the chamber methodology referenced in the paper by Siegel, Waring, Yu and Corsi because detailed information about the test chambers is not provided. In a normal household environment, ozone would encounter obstacles which would cause it to break down rapidly. How does this difference from normal living environments effect conclusions? Additionally, the authors fail to consider that individuals with allergies and asthma may be much less likely to use certain cleaning, personal care and air fresheners precisely because they have an increased sensitivity to these products. Additional research is need to better understand any real-world interactivity before making any recommendations that might impact the health and wellness of consumers who depend on high CADR air cleaners.

Founded 1883, the North American manufacturing company is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. Friedrich product lines include room air conditioners, single package vertical air conditioners, packaged terminal air conditioners, thru-the-wall air conditioners, ductless split systems, portable air conditioners and top-rated electronic air cleaners. For additional information or to locate the authorized Friedrich dealer/distributor nearest you, visit the Friedrich website at www.friedrich.com

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