Today’s buying decisions are more difficult than ever, especially for purchasing agents, procurement officers and facilities managers. Limited budgets and heavy workloads demand finding reliable solutions when selecting products—like packaged terminal air conditioners (PTACs)—that are vital for their facilities.

Friedrich Air Conditioning, a leading room air conditioner manufacturer for more than six decades, is proud to introduce a completely re-engineered PTAC for 2011. Frequently used in lodging, senior care, dormitories, military housing and some residential applications, PTACs are 42-inch-wide, through-the-wall air conditioners and heat pumps.

Because PTACs can be up to 50 percent shallower than other through-the-wall solutions, they install flush with exterior walls and use little interior floor space. And, the slide-out chassis design has maintenance benefits for facilities managers who need to keep rooms comfortable for their occupants. Replacement units can be installed and operating in as few as 10 to 15 minutes. No technical expertise is necessary.

“This new PTAC is a direct result of customer feedback. We listened to their needs and focused our attention on delivering quiet operation, excellent air distribution, cost-saving energy management features and simplified installation and maintenance to reduce the burden on facility staff,” explained Chuck Campbell, Friedrich’s vice president of marketing and sales.

Completely redesigned and re-engineered, this Friedrich PTAC also hits the mark with a feature set that delivers reliable operation and superior comfort.

What’s New About Friedrich’s PTAC?

  • Two motor design—With separate indoor and outdoor motors, the indoor motor can run at slower speeds which reduces sound levels indoors.
  • Tangential blower wheel—This new feature has nearly 5x the surface area of a typical fan used on other PTACs. The result is a more uniform airflow over a wider path for faster, more evenly distributed air.
  • Three speed fan—Friedrich is the only major PTAC brand with three fan speeds in cooling and heating modes. Soft start/stop fan delay feature reduces transitional noise that is usually associated with compressor start up.
  • Universal heater/power cord—To adjust the heater size on any PTAC unit, simply unplug the attached power cord and connect a new cord to achieve the desired size. All PTAC units ship complete with the standard power cord for that model. (Note: Most models ship with a cord that supports a 3kW heater).
  • Modular design and easier access—Engineers or maintenance staff will appreciate a modular design that provides easy access to components for cleaning and repairs, including interchangeable, front access air filters.

Other Important Features

  • Separate heating and cooling limits—These provide greater control over operating temperature ranges and help control energy consumption costs.
  • Standard size for easy replacement—All capacities of PTACs can fit standard 42-inch sleeves without the added expense of a baffle kit (sleeves are sold separately to accommodate new construction and replacement requirements).
  • Desk control ready—Centralized desk control and compatibility with energy management systems can boost efficiency and lower operational costs.
  • EERs up to 12.0 & COPs up to 3.4 for increased energy savings.
  • Diamonblue advanced corrosion protection—Protects the outdoor coil against deterioration and extends unit life, especially in harsh coastal environments.
  • Fresher air—Friedrich’s PTACs have built-in fresh air dampers to bring in 75 CFM of outside air when desired and washable, antimicrobial air filters.

More information

To purchase PTACs, contact Friedrich’s experienced sales team at 877-599-5665. Visit the company’s website at www.friedrich.com to find product manuals, technical specs, installation help, authorized dealers and distributors and answers to frequently asked questions.