The New 2012 Kühl Room Air Conditioner
Smart, elegant, durable and environmentally conscious

Kühl Your World 2012

(San Antonio, Texas) – It’s a product that will revolutionize the air conditioning industry. Summer is just around the corner, and so are high cooling bills. But now there’s a product so technologically advanced, it can help slash your energy costs with just a tap on an app.

The new 2012 Friedrich Kühl (pronounced Cool) room air conditioner is the first room air conditioner you can control with your smartphone or computer. There is an app for smartphone users, and a mobile website for Blackberry users.

“The Kühl room air conditioner means total freedom for the person on the go,” Jane Deming, Marketing Manager for Friedrich describes enthusiastically. “No more worrying about last minute schedule changes, wasted cooling or heating.”

The new Kühl is smart and elegant. It comes with built-in energy management schedules and is Smart Grid capable.

“Kühl has the ability to link into a building management system,” said Deming. “This gives facility managers the ability to control energy consumption on a large scale even when dealing with individual room cooling units. This is the first time any room air conditioner system has had this capability.”

Sleek, modern and sophisticated is how many describe Kühl. The new standard color is a stylish neutral gray. Other front panels are sold separately in six designer colors including deep red, designer white, black onyx, cobalt blue, pink diamond and classic beige.

Kühl stands out among room air conditioners for its: technology, durability, energy efficiency, health and safety.

“We use the highest grade materials such as a solid steel base pan and inner walls, 20 gauge steel cabinets, scratch-resistant paint, aluminum end plates, and a robust rear grille.  Our competitors typically use less expensive materials like StyrofoamTM as their only barrier between indoor and outdoor noise,” said Deming. “Kühl’s construction makes it more durable and less prone to corrosion.”

In addition to its sleek styling, Kühl is quiet and energy efficient.

“This unit has superior filtration that can absorb odors, reduce ozone and Volatile Organic Compounds to achieve up to a MERV 6 effectiveness rating,” Deming adds. “EntryGardTM adds anti-intrusion protection and secures the unit to its sleeve.”

No more worrying about the family pet when there is a sudden heat wave or cold front. The new 2012 Friedrich Kühl gives you the power to Kühl your world.

Friedrich = Quality & Innovation—Friedrich has been in business since 1883, and is based in San Antonio, Texas. The company has a rich history that includes pioneering the first commercial refrigeration business. Friedrich began manufacturing room air conditioners in 1952.

Retail Price—Our dealers will set their own prices, but we expect the Kühl products to range from $599 to $2,449 (this is the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price and retail pricing will be lower).   The color panels are approximately $49.99 each, making it very affordable to own more than one color.  The FriedrichLink accessory (KWIFI) which provides Wi-Fi access to the unit will retail for $39.00 and be available later this summer.

Coming in the summer of 2012 is FriedrichLink, a program that allows you to control your 2012 Kühl or Kühl+ unit remotely using your computer, tablet or smartphone.  Using FriedrichLink, you can make temperature adjustments, create custom 7-day programs, manage utility functions like setting the clock or establishing temperature limits, and even group units so that they can be controlled together. Access your Kühl unit using your smartphone or other wireless device via the FriedrichLink adapter (optional accessory sold separately; part number: KWIFI).  Or, use the adapter as a thumb drive to upload a customized schedule to one or many Kühl units.  Customers not wishing to purchase the FriedrichLink Adapter may download the customizable schedule program to their computer from, set up their schedule and then upload it to their 2012 Kühl unit via a USB to micro USB cable (cable not included).